Very kind and patient people own American Decorating and work for the company. A knowledgeable team guided us in making decisions/selections which we were forced to make following a leak in our home.  We had not been thinking about doing this remodeling so had no preferences in mind.  We are very pleased with the result which we could not have achieved without their experienced guidance. This was an “A” job. The “B” in punctuality refers to delays in getting the job done — took longer than the estimated time…. but some of the delays were due to discovery of more damage from the leak which had not been identified by other professionals during the cleanup process from the leak – and were not anticipated by American Decorating. This company knows how to do everything and has highly skilled, focused and hard working craftsmen on the job. We plan to hire them for more work in our home and hope they will be available to do it. They are an excellent company and busy.