Hardwood Flooring

Wooden flooring designThe Look: Hardwood Flooring has become extremely popular as homeowners are increasingly drawn to natural materials. Hardwood Floors are beautiful, classic and can compliment any decor. It’s also becoming more widely used in kitchens.

The Strength: Hardwoods are a practical choice for durability as manufacturers are using aluminum oxides to create harder finishes. The key to a wood’s durability is its thickness and its polyurethane finish. The typical ¾ – inch-thick flooring contains three to seven layers of wood and the top should be at least 1/8- inch. That’s so the floor can be lightly buffed after losing its luster, typically in seven to ten years.

The Feel: Wood is a middle of the road – softer than stone or ceramic tile, harder than vinyl and laminate.

The Clean up: Easy. Wood Grain helps hides spills and some scuffs.

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