Carpet Installations For Homes in Leesburg, VA

When you want to improve the appearance of your home in Leesburg, VA, getting new carpets installed from American Decorating Center can help. With a variety of colors and textures to choose from, homeowners can fine tune their taste and give their home a beautiful appearance. If you’re interested in new carpets for your Leesburg home, you can rely on the professionals at American Decorating Center. Our reliable carpet installers have the skills you need to provide quality results with your carpeting. Contact our team today for high-quality carpets and installation services for Leesburg, VA.

A Variety Of Colors To Choose From

Picking the color of your carpet depends solely on personal tastes. When you’re looking at different color options, you’ll want to be mindful of how the carpet will tie in with the rest of your decor. Additionally, creating a pleasant atmosphere for your home is equally as important. Generally, light colors can make a room seem large and spacious while darker colors provide warmth and a sense of coziness. There are also some other things to think about when picking out your carpet. If you’re interested in light color carpeting, there are new stain soil resistant carpet that are much easier to clean so that you can always have a fresh look. There are many possibilities and the team at American Decorating Center can help.

Strength, Feel, & Texture

The strength and durability of carpets will depend on the type of fiber that is used along with the way it’s constructed (loop and cut).

The variety of textures found in carpets is achieved by the way the yarn is tufted. Tufts refer to the way the yarn is looped and woven through the backing. This impacts both the texture and durability of the carpet.

Level loop pile means that the yarn loops are all at an equal height. Berber carpets are typically level loop and they are designed for high-foot traffic and made to last.

Multilevel loop pile means that the loops come in a variety of heights, which means they can create patterns and differing textures. Multilevel loop pile carpets are also very durable.

Cut pile carpets are when the loops are cut, leaving individual yarn tufts exposed. This is one of the more popular constructions and it provides nice texture and comfort. The level of durability depends on the kind of fiber used, the density of the tufts and how much twist is in the yarn.

Cut and loop pile is a combination of cut tufts and loops. This style lends itself to sculpted effects and you can get really unique textures out of it.

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