Bathroom Renovations: Serving Ashburn Va and surrounding Areas

Upgraded Comfort in Your Home

Can you imagine living in a house with bathrooms that are uncomfortable and uninviting? Think about the time you spend getting ready and taking care of other important business. Even if a bathroom doesn’t typically feature soft places to sit and lie like living rooms and bedrooms, it is a place where you, other members of your household, and visitors should feel at peace. Whether your home is in Sterling, Ashburn, Leesburg or any of the other areas surrounding our beautiful showroom, American Decorating Center is your trusted source for bathrooms that are functional and beautiful.

Why Bathrooms Are Important

Even the most well-kept properties can seem neglected with an outdated, old-fashioned bathroom. Whether you’re contemplating a future sale or desiring a pampered spa experience, bathrooms say a lot about your home. Modern, elegant spaces appeal to household members, visitors, and potential buyers alike. Whatever your motivation, updating your bathrooms is a great investment. From top-down renovations to simple hardware replacements, we help you explore your options and turn them into a beautiful reality.

Our Services

To help you upgrade these most intimate of spaces, we provide the following services.

Bathroom Remodeling

Imagine what’s possible for your house’s bathrooms. Update your fixtures, replace your cabinetry, and more. We can show you how.


Countertops provide functional spaces for grooming and taking care of yourself. Explore the advantages and challenges of various materials and see which options are right for your home.


Cabinets play a key role in how your bathroom functions. Improve your bathroom’s storage and organization with new cabinetry. The right look is here and we’ll help you put it together. 
When it comes to the most intimate interiors of your home, it’s important to work with experienced professionals who can help translate your ideas into renovations that work for you. We stand by the work we do, as our past clients will tell you. Not only do we provide guidance, resources, and ideas, but we also offer promotions that make it easier for you to achieve beautiful bathrooms you and your household will love. Trust your home’s bathrooms to the experts at ADC. Find out more by contacting us today

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