There are nearly 8 million homeowners remodeling their kitchens this year. The kitchen plays the most important role in the house. Realize that, since the smartphone, everything has changed. People are now on their smartphone more than TV a day; 4.5 hours a day on average. The kitchen happens to be the central place that people are gathering. With new cabinets and kitchen design, you can convert a dated, inefficient kitchen into a functional, organized, multitasking space. Today, kitchen cabinets come with amazing new possibilities with lots of finishes and options at many different price points.

1. Kitchen Design:
Start with a plan or consult with a local kitchen cabinet company for a design that you can have input. The more you plan, the more you will succeed in having the dream kitchen you deserve. Having a good designer and kitchen planner can allow you to have a kitchen works. Having a planner that can get professional measurements will allow you to avoid costly mistakes. Our company offers free estimates. We also have measuring and design services we provide to ensure you get the kitchen designed in a way you can enjoy it for years to come.

2. What’s In Your Kitchen Cabinets?
Review your current kitchen cabinets and what you have in each kitchen cabinet so that you will have the best opportunity to plan the proper kitchen you deserve. Also understand there are many options inside the cabinets, from rollouts to built-in spice trays and silverware trays. Plan each cabinet around efficient usage. With so many options out there, realize sometimes less is more if you have a kitchen with 12 cabinets or less. By this I mean get the basics first, which are the most shelving space and proper rollouts. If you have space, look at the extra options that can make the kitchen customized for you. You also want to leave room for future items also.

3. Buy Cabinets You Can Trust
Look for products certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association, which are subjected to tests that replicate years of normal kitchen abuse. Certified cabinets are marked KCMA. There have been a lot of recent problems with import cabinets that have been sub-standard. The standards for KCMA will allow you to have a safe and durable cabinet. The exposure to humidity, temperatures ranging from –5 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and housings of kitchen mainstays like vinegar, lemon, fruit juices, ketchup, and coffee without showing signs of blistering, discoloration, or other damage. The KCMA allows you the comfort with your investment as they have been testing kitchen cabinets over the past 40 years. At our company, we offer several price points that will offer the product that your budget will allow you to

4. Kitchen Cabinets from Stock to Custom – What’s In Your Budget?
Stock and semi-custom cabinets are the most popular types on the market. We offer a stock cabinet that typically takes about 3 days to 10 days and are cost-effective but you have a limit on the sizes and door designs. Semi-custom kitchen cabinets offer a complete range of sizes, finishes, and styles these typically take 3-6 weeks. Most semi-custom and stock cabinets come in 3” increments for the widths of the cabinets. WE offer several choices for semi-custom kitchen cabinets which Custom cabinets are the most expensive and can take 10-16 weeks to fabricate. With our showroom, over 80% of our customers chose the semi-custom kitchen cabinets for both selection and overall quality and value.

5. Choosing the Style and Color of Your Kitchen Cabinets
Light-colored woods, oak, and maple make your kitchen seem brighter and larger. Darker woods like cherry and Hickory create a more dramatic, furniture like effect. Shaker cabinets are the most popular style for its transitional style and simplistic but clean look. Our manufacturers offer many stains and painted colors to choose from.

6. Donating Your Old Cabinets to Habitat for Humanity
One of our of the best way to let your old cabinets go is donating them thru non-profit organizations like Habitat for Humanity’s ReStores which we arrange and they accept donations of cabinets for resale or they will donate them to a needy family. When working with us we can arrange the cabinets to be picked up and in most cases, you can get a get a tax benefit for your taxes.

7. The Grade of the Cabinet
There are several grades of cabinets and construction. Working with a designer will make it easier to decide what is best for your project. Our cabinet lines offer several grades of cabinets from MDF to Plywood. As well as the drawers with standard glide to higher quality glide with dovetail soft close features. The rule of thumb is if you are going to be in your home for 5 years or more you may want to spend a little more to get the quality that will last for today and years to come. If you are just selling your home or if it is a rental property then you may want a more basic line of a cabinet.

8. If It Sounds Too Good to Be True, It IS Too Good to Be True!
Realize there are many imported cabinets in the market and recently there was a lot of wood imported that failed the EPA air quality test from well-known companies. With our team, we will guide you to the best quality for the money. A kitchen cabinet that you can trust and can work with your budget.

9. It’s All About the Island
If you have space the Island will allow entertaining, cooking and enjoyment that will last a lifetime. Having a kitchen designer can be beneficial to get the island that best fits your home and layout.

10. Putting It All Together, From Start to Finish
Once you have picked your cabinets, you need to decide on countertops, backsplash, appliances, flooring and paint which can be challenging. At our company, we have the team and showroom that will make the process easy and simple so that you can have a kitchen that you deserve. We make the decorating and coordinating easy and inviting. We have a team of installers that will allow you to relax knowing 30 years of experience will make us a company you can trust. Our motto is to treat the customer like family or friends from start to finish so that you can have the dream kitchen you imagined.